Why is it worth consulting us?

If you would like to represent your company meeting contemporary requirements successfully, you are at the right place with us!
If you only need a simple, and cheap website we can make it for you for the total cost of 200 EURO, including domain name, storage and webpage design.
By having all these you and your company will have already been available on the Internet.
You will be registered on Google and for a few particular search word you will appear, which can make you new clients.

But we offer even more and better than that!

We give the answers for the questions: What do people search for on the Internet? What do they need? and How can you take advantage of their needs by our assistance?

    We work by considering the following aspects:

  • We examine your scope of activities, your target audience, your competition and the important search words in connection with your services
  • We make a design with an introduction and with images adequate to your aim
  • We optimize your website according to all these after it has been finished, we make the settings and for one more year we control its contents, even if it is your future web shop!
  • Then we register it in the appropriate company registers as well
  • We make a marketing offer for your accomplished website. We also can make the necessary PR articles and flash advertisements as well.
  • If it is needed we can handle the online PPC campaign attached to your site including the text writing as well the technical evaluation of the results.

If a company is operating well it has to be advertised. If not, it has to be advertised as well!

In so far as you need business cards, leaflets, catalogues, or souvenirs with logo as parts of a complex service for your image the team of Zigi.hu can provide all this to you for a competitive price.

We also provide you statistics and analysis about your popularity and results.

Complex Services

By the help of our services within a few months you will realize that:

  • How much it matters to appear on Google search as the first one because of a carefully chosen search words and not paying any further expenses,
  • How much a well selected and carefully constructed PPC campaign mean

Our advertisement means your satisfaction!

When you realize that:
„Yes, it was worth entrusting them with doing the online appearance as the result can be seen.”, then you will promote us,
You will recommend us for your friends because we know how it is possible to represent ourselves on the Internet in this accelerated world!

We are also certain about that our team will provide loads of added values for the complex service you order from us!

If you only have a simple website without optimization, settings, analysis of competition and registration it is “as if you were waving to your partners in dark.”
We “turn the light on”!
And even if it is needed „we light up your company, your services in the online-world with virtual spotlights,
so you will be seen, discovered and recognized and
searched for your services!

Ask and arrange and appointment to have a free discussion and consultation! We look forward to your application!

No one will perform your ideas instead of you. It has to be started right away. Not tomorrow, not later but NOW.!

Write us about what you have though of.
Write us about what type of website you would like and what is your aim with it.
Find a website to which you would like to have a similar one, and we make a more beautiful and a better one for you.

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