„Marketing is when rational thinking is spiced with a pinch of creativity.”

weboldal készítés DebrecenWe do not believe in miraculous recipes, in general clichés and solutions which can be applied by anyone.

Each and every company, restaurant, café shop deal with different activities and they all provide services which are different from each other.
Different activities must be presented in different ways on the internet.
We have to think with the head of our future clients and customers, and with the head of people who are interested.
Whose needs could we satisfy?
Who would have the most use of it and who would be our target group if we provided such services?
How do our target groups search the services and products we offer? Do they have any need for it at all?

Marketing should not be overcomplicated, as in that way, clients will not understand it either.

„What one can imagine, someone else can make it come true.”

Let’s say that you have a brilliant idea but you do not know how to start carrying it through.
The time of “Jack-of-all-trades” had already gone, when someone builds up his own home, paints, repairs his own car at the same time.This kind of attitude nowadays will have a negative effect on quality and time. Today each profession has several branches and are divided into several different fields.
In the 1990s there were IT experts who solved everything which was in connection with Information Technology. But nowadays this profession has been divided into around 50 considerable fields which are continuously broadened. There are no cases any more when only one single person solves everything.

For that reason we do not believe that one single person at once is able to draw a wonderful design, to build up high-standard websites, to do the programming of each thing that comes up, to understand marketing and advertising campaigns. Each field has its own experts. We must know who to contact when we need answers to certain questions.

We can give answers to all these questions and we also can provide assistance and support to realize a plan.

„The One who is willing to dare and do at the same time, he will get the furthest.”

It is always the first step which is the hardest to take. It is usually a decision according to which “I will give up smoking” or “I will open my own shop” or even “I will invest in advertisements to make my business run better”. After your decision had been made you should concentrate only on one thing: On your aim. Perhaps many people will argue, and many others will have doubts in our ideas, or even some of them will try to hinder us in order to not to make our ideas come true.
We should focus only on one thing: On our goal! If we are certain about our success we should not let ourselves be diverted. But certainly this does not mean that we should not listen to others and their advice.

We should be opened, but we should not let ourselves mislead from the road which leads us to our goal.

„Brain is like the parachute: It works only when it is opened.”

If there is a time when openness is essential, it is surely our time.
Openness is essential for an innovation, for a new idea, for a new form of appearance.
There were miraculous recipes in the past long ago for starting and for advertising a new enterprise or even for its presentation, but these are changing and are going to be changing in the future as well.
Changes caused by our accelerated life have to be followed continuously almost on a daily basis in order to be up-to-date. One typical mistake is when we insist on old-fashioned ideas and methods. We have to be opened to everything. For instance, long time ago people advertised in newspapers.
It worked well, as there was not anything else and everybody read newspapers. Nowadays we cannot say that the value of this type of advertisement is unimportant, but in our days people read news on their smart phones and they give a “Like” on Facebook to the websites they like to notify each other.

The most effective and the most easy-to-follow advertisements are the PPCs, the advertisement campaigns that work on the basis of clicking, and which has a growing popularity year by year.

“If you are waiting for the moment when everything is ready, you will not start anything.”

In today’s accelerated world the other big and typical mistake is made by those who do not keep up with the speed of the present era. In the past everything took years which was set as a target by people. But by now, life, market, everything and everything have speeded up. For making good business decisions, for a very considerable factor, our quick and unambiguous decisions have been given an important role. If our decision to make takes for too long time it might happen that some other people come before us and we miss it. In this situation it is useful to keep contact with a company who can give you up-to-date advice in connection with your website and the marketing strategy of the company.
A good decision has to be made in the right time.

But we can also say: “Let’s hit the iron while it is burning.”

„Wind cannot be directed, but our sail can be shifted.”

Everyone has concepts and ideas about several different things.

Many people and companies do not have a website yet, but they have already planned how their future website will look like and how it will be constructed. If someone has certain ideas, it is basically a great thing as we will be given a direction which gives a basis for a more probable satisfaction about the website, which is in the progress of preparation.

Problems start when a client rigidly insists on each and every idea he has in mind. Ideas which are perfect for the first time are really rare. Things have to be examined from different perspectives. A perfect website, which is constructed to reach its definite aims, is examined from different point of views by a client who is a professional in his own field, by a designer, by a programmer and by a marketing expert. Everyone would build up the website in a different way and has different ideas about it. The direction which leads to the goal, such as the sales of a product, an introduction of a service, having a new client etc. will not be modified. We have to reach our goal together. But we are willing to add the way, the “sail to be used”, and suggestions for the solution if we are given the opportunity and freedom to do it so by our clients.

“A website which cannot be seen by the browsers worth exactly the same as a terribly expensive catalogue which is hidden behind the cupboard.”

Let us suppose that we have a nice, decorative website: Informative, animated or exactly like as we just have imagined. We like it so much that we have a look at it every day, we are watching it and even we think about its further development.

  • Are our possible clients looking at our website as well as we do?
  • Do they find it?
  • • Is it possible that they are looking at the website of our competition and even call them and order from them?

To answer these questions appropriately we have to deal with the optimised browsing of a website and the results, after we can give feedback very easily by the continuous analysis of an analytical module embedded into our website.

“Whoever does not spend money on advertisement, he should stop his watch to win time!”

Let us suppose that you got a company to make a website for you, in which you have the contact information of your company as well as the details of your products and services. You usually look at your page, and in better cases others can also find your website. But the aim is not only to find you on the Internet but also to get in touch with you and to have more information as well as take the order.
For the sake of the example, we look for a carpenter, who would like to make his services and products popular on the Internet. He usually looks at his website; in better cases others also find his website. But the aim for you that your services should be found, and you should be contacted, others should be informed and they should order as well.
He would like to make his products more popular in the Internet. For the word “carpenter” there are more than 100 000 searches in Hungary per year. The number of relevant websites in connection with carpenters is around 5000. Yours is also among this 5000. For the browser the task is given to decide which websites it will display and is what order. Google browser makes this decision after examining several aspects and features and which is changes regularly.

There are a few things which are relevant as examples:

  • How old is the domain name? How much is the PR value of the website?
    Are there any code errors in it?
  • How many external and internal references does it have?
  • Does the website have any appropriate SEO settings?
  • Is there a relevant content of the site? etc.

The position of the website depends on several factors. The more things we consider the better the chances are for success.
A website needs appropriate basics and then it needs to be maintained. An adequate SEO setting, a normal link building, the appropriate display of the contents are time consuming, and last but not least it is costly, but it is a useful investment.

We have to keep in mind only one thing, that the invested amount of money should be refunded.